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Any business, whether online or brick or mortar, needs a website these days. People now first look to the internet whenever they want anything to buy. Website is the most convenient way to present product and services to the world. Therefore, web designing should not be overlooked, and a business owner should include a website design project in their business plan.

Moreover, even if it's day or night, you are asleep or awake; a website is always online and never sleeps. Information about goods and services is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This will eventually increase customer satisfaction and equity.
Static Web Design (Brochure Web Design)

A static website (sometimes refered to as a brochure website) is a website which has been designed where the content doesn't change automatically. The content would have to be supplied to our team of web design developers (or we could do content writing for you) and this would be applied to the website. If you wanted to change the web design content you would have to email us the updated text (or we could write the content for you).

Pros Cons
These static web designs are cheaper to build These static web designs are less search engine friendly as the content gets old
These static web designs are quicker to build These static web designs tend to get less return visitors compared to dynamic sites
Dynamic Web Design

A dynamic website can be a much more complex web design. It can involve development like a forum web design (or a message board web design). It can also envolve Flex web application/website development, AJAX website development or even complete custom web application development. These websites are updated by their visitors, so slightly different to Content Management Systems.

Pros   Cons
These dynamic web designs are more search engine friendly These dynamic web designs are not as cheap as static web designs
These dynamic web designs keep customers & visitors at the website for longer These dynamic web designs tend not to be as successful as ecommerce web sites
These dynamic web designs increase the chance of return visitors and loyalty  
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